New York, New York
Closed-loop design
Field station
Carolin Mees Architect


e/co_pod provides a secure field station for Riverside Park Conservancy employees working outdoors. e/co_pod is self-contained and fully operational, repurposed from a shipping container and built of durable steel components.  

With the protective exterior screens opened the plywood interior is revealed. Light enters from a hopper window set at desk height while opposing doors cross-ventilate e/co_pod’s interior, reducing energy usage in the more temperate times of the year. 

e/co_pod’s cantilevered roof is composed of two discrete sections: a green-blue roof and a photovoltaic array. The roof supports a wildflower intensive lawn that insulates the container from heat and collects rainwater in a 50-gallon reservoir used for irrigation. The solar array, inclined to the south for maximum efficiency, satisfies the energy requirements of climate control, lighting and computer charging of the e/co_pod users.

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